Sotheby's @New York

POAP as a celebration of memorable events


Client: Sotheby's

Where & When: New York, US - June 2023

POAP: #128661 ~ #128659

Once again, Sotheby's partnered with POAP Studio to celebrate GRAILS, the largest digital art auction in the history of New York City. Building on the successful collaborations from the Max Stealth and FC Barcelona auctions in 2022, two exclusive POAPs were created, expanding Sotheby's captivating collection of digital collectibles. Participants of the educational generative art panel event and those who explored Sotheby's iconic digital art collection during the live auction cherished this remarkable occasion. By simply scanning a branded QR code on an exquisitely designed card, they seamlessly connected with Sotheby's iconic digital art collection, merging technology and aesthetics in an immersive and seamless way!

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