Johnnie Walker @USA

POAP as a multi-phase collection journey for immersive engagement


Client: Johnnie Walker & VaynerX

Where & When: New Orleans, US - July 2023

POAP: #144035 to # 144043

Johnnie Walker teamed up with POAP Studio to transform the House of Walker event into a touchstone brand experiential moment with exclusive digital treasures and post-event rewards!

This dynamic POAP collection journey unfolded in two exciting phases, engaging a large community. First, participants visited different booths and collected up to six exclusive POAP digital collectibles. Those who collected them all had the chance to taste a secret rare liquid pour of Johnnie Walker as a special gift!

Enthusiasts who completed the entire journey on the streets of the historic French Quarter were rewarded with merchandise during the evening after the event, leveraging the whole experience.

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