Christian Louboutin @Fashion Week 2023

POAP as a reward for different attendees of an exclusive show


Client: Christian Louboutin

Where & When: Paris, France - Fashion week SS 2023

POAP: #64664 ~ #64665 ~ #64666

In collaboration with Christian Louboutin's team, POAP Studio curated a series of NFT POAP drops for the iconic Loubi Show II held at the foothills of the magical Eiffel Tower.

Attendees of both the daytime and evening shows received special editions, while online viewers were delighted with their own unique edition. The distribution process involved elegant flyers, NFC tags, and QR codes, resulting in the distribution of hundreds of cherished POAPs. This initiative not only introduced newcomers to web3 but also achieved remarkable success with Louboutin's triple NFT drop.

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